Grateful Mom because Poncho Fits with Wheelchair

“Dear Cindy and Meg,
We cannot thank you enough for today’s donation. Just gave out my first poncho and mom was so happy she started crying. She said it has been so hard to find a blanket that fits right with his wheelchair and was so incredibly grateful for the soft Spiderman poncho. Thank you for all you do to add some sunshine to these patients’ lives.”
Kim M
Child Life Specialist, Hackensack Meridian

Kids Keeping Warm

Coping with Chemo

“I put on the fabulous 2nd cape and I LOVE IT. Of all the books, games, puzzles, etc., these capes have made the biggest positive difference and tremendous comfort.

Scott Richmond

Adding Fun to Infusion Day

Problem Solved

Chellie C: I can’t stress enough how awesome this cape is, and how much comfort & use Ben will get from it! This was his third hospital stay during October and his sixth (I think – they blur together…) of the year. He gets monthly infusions and his most recent presented a problem – he just got a central line placed and that made it harder to keep him warm during the 4+ hour infusion. I hadn’t found a solution, but then Child Life came to our hospital room to offer Ben one of these capes. Problem solved!
Thank you for doing an amazing thing!!

Super Duper Soft

Day 12 in the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta for this little guy. His mom included a photo of his new tiger poncho and this: ❤️ His #tigerponcho is made from @cape_ivy And is super duper soft comfortable and convenient! Thank you to the ladies for gifting him one he wears it all over the hospital and gets nothing but beautiful compliments!

Infusion Days are Cold

thank you so much! this is so amazing. I love this! it was so perfect, and easy to have access!! i was wearing it around the house, and it is so perfect and cozy! Thank you so much! i am in love!