Targeted Donations and Grants

Donations can be made to Cape Ivy that provides ponchos to a specific Child Life department in a hospital, a Ronald McDonald House or similar, or a pediatric infusion center.

Toddler Hospital Gift Fleece Poncho Cape Ivy Blue Starry Night

Suggested Donations

Suggested Donation Quantity (final number depends on ponchos sizes and packaging options)
$150 1 Box (10 – 15 ponchos)
$250 2 Boxes in 1 shipment (20 – 25 ponchos)
$1000 100 ponchos in 4-6 monthly shipments
Shipping is included.

Please complete the form and then make a donation using the donation box available on each page of the website. To complete the payment processing, proceed to the cart.

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Please provide your giving level for the targeted donation. After completing this form, proceed to make the donation using the donation box on each page of the website.
If you don't have a specific facility, we will ship or deliver the ponchos to a hospital or facility in need of more ponchos.
Where is this facility located?
Who can be contact for shipping information? (Name, phone, email (preferred).
Please tell us who you are honoring so we can include that information with the donation.
We are happy to notify someone of your donation. Please complete your donation after submitting this form. This is best done by using the donation box and the proceeding to the CART for payment processing. Thank you!