Donations can be made to Cape Ivy that provides ponchos to a specific Child Life department in a hospital, a Ronald McDonald House or similar, or a pediatric infusion center. If we don’t currently donate to the facility of your choice (see Impact tab), please contact us so we can confirm that they are accepting donations of this type.

Each $10 donation provides a poncho to a child. A donation of $150 is a full shipment. For smaller donations, please use the donate button on each page on our site. Make a note with your donation or contact us letting us know where you would like your ponchos to be sent. We will make every effort to donate ponchos to your selected facility, which is easier if we are already shipping regularly to that location, but harder if we don’t. Some hospitals do not accept donations of this type (St. Jude’s, for example).

Suggested Donations

Suggested Donation Quantity 
$150 1 box in 1 shipment (15-16 ponchos)
$600 4 boxes – typically shipped quarterly (60 ponchos) for 1 year
$1000 boxes – typically shipped bimonthly (100 ponchos) for 1 year
$1500 10 boxes – typically shipped monthly (150 ponchos) for 1 year
Shipping is included.  Some hospitals/locations may request multiple boxes at once, shortening the 1-year schedule. 

Please enter YOUR email, so we can follow up with you.
If you don’t have a specific facility, we will ship or deliver the ponchos to a hospital or facility in need of more ponchos.
Where is this facility located?
Who can be contact for shipping information? (Name, phone, email (preferred).
Please tell us who you are honoring so we can include that information with the donation.
We are happy to notify someone of your donation. Payment details and checkout will be asked on the next pages.