Gift 10 Capes


This item is for monetary gifts which will provide 10 capes to children with illnesses that result in frequent hospital stays. Please see our other listings to purchase a specific cape to be shipped to you.


Thank you for helping us spread the love to children who are frequent fliers in hospitals. Each $100 donation will be help us make and send capes to children in the hospital. 10 capes are provided to “frequent flier” children (long term illnesses and hospital stays) for each $100 received. There is no shipping or tax added to these donations.

To request we work with an additional hospital or facility, please provide us with contact information.

To purchase a cape that you would like to give as a gift to a specific person, please visit our product listings and select a specific style. The purchase can be shipped to you to deliver yourself or we can ship it for you directly to a patient. Shipping charges will be added to your order.