Poncho Request for Individual Child

Thank you for your interest in requesting a poncho for your child. This request for parents and guardians only. For other inquiries, please use the Contact button.

Step 1:

Prior to contacting Cape Ivy, please request a poncho from the Child Life Specialist in the hospital or clinic or from a staff member of a Ronald McDonald House if you are staying in the house.

Step 2:

If ponchos are not available, please ask the staff to request a box of ponchos from Cape Ivy.

  • Hospital staff should complete this form: https://capeivy.org/child-life/
  • Ronald McDonald staff should complete this form: https://capeivy.org/ronald-mcdonald-house/

For a child in your care, you may request a poncho, which we will include in the box for the facility where your child is in care.

Step 3:

If staff cannot request ponchos, please complete the form below and we will try to contact the staff. Please provide as much information as possible for us to contact the correct clinic/child life specialist.

This form is to request a poncho for a child in your care. If this is for a relative or a gift, please visit our shop.
Please double check that you have typed the email address correctly so that we can reach you.
Cape Ivy ponchos are designed to work with IV lines and ports and are given to children in medical treatment for chronic or critical illnesses.
We will ship the poncho to the facility where your child receives treatment, if allowed by the facility.
Please provide contact information so that we can make arrangements to ship a box of ponchos including one for you child. This might be the Child Life Specialist assigned to the clinic, infusion center, or hospital unit where your child is receiving treatment or a staff member at Ronald McDonald House or other housing facility where the family and/or patient is staying near the hospital.
Please provide age and gender of your child, along with interests and/or likes or a specific print you have seen on our webpage or social media pages. The sizes are toddler, child (approximately ages 5-12), and teen.