We are making masks for friends and family with a donation to Cape Ivy. We are not advertising this, but please feel free to share with your friends and family. This page can only be found by a link, so please share with others who need masks.


Our masks have a nose wire for a custom fit, a pocket to add an optional filter, multiple layers, and comfortable ties. For those who have trouble tying behind the head, we offer a Velcro version. Elastic and other designs may be available. Please email us if you would like a custom design.


The current range for donations is $10 – $200 per mask. We recommend a donation of $10 – $20 per mask. For those living in Great Falls or Charlottesville, we hope you will pick up your masks from our porches. Otherwise we are happy to ship the masks to you. Cape Ivy is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) charity. Your donation is tax-deductible.

How to donate and order masks:

On the right side of this page (on a PC) or on the bottom of this page (phone/tablet) there is a box for a monetary donation to Cape Ivy. Please enter the amount you wish to donate.

Information Needed

Follow through to your cart to complete your order. Enter the information requested. Also include

  • number of masks
  • whether they are for male or female (we typically make 2 sizes)
  • which patterns for which gender
    • your order would look like this: 4 masks: 1 green plaid (number 6) for a male, 1 red with white dots (number 3) for a female, 2 blue with white (number 9) for females.
  • if you prefer to list color choices, include the gender
    • your order would look like this: 3 masks: 1 in yellow or pink for female, 1 in green or blue for a male, one child print for a 5 year old boy.


Numbered fabrics are in Charlottesville. Lettered fabrics are in Great Falls. Please consider this when ordering. We prefer to ship from 1 location but that isn’t a restriction.

These F# fabrics are cotton flannel and may be warmer than the cotton options.