How to Give the Gift of Warmth

1- Monetary donations. Your gift will help us spread warmth and love to children in hospitals.

Each webpage on our site has a “Donation” box for credit card or PayPal donations. On a PC, it is on the right side of the each page. On a tablet or phone, it is on the bottom of the page. Enter the a dollar amount and then complete the donation by going to your cart (top of page).

Checks are also accepted; please contact us for our address.

Donate to

Cape Ivy is registered with foundations such as Fidelity Charitable and Schwab Charitable. When searching for Cape Ivy on websites that verify nonprofits, our registered address is Charlottesville, VA. Please contact us for help with direct donations from an IRA.

TAX ADVANTAGES for 2020: There are 2 tax changes for tax-deductible donations: 1) Up to $300 of giving (cash, not securities) can be deducted, even if taking the standard deduction; and 2) the charitable deduction limit for 2020 for those who itemize has been increased from 60% to 100% of your income.

2- Direct shipping to a Child Life department or facility and Targeted Donations. We will ship ponchos directly to the hospital for gifts to honor someone, to thank a team (such as staff at the hospital where your child received treatment), or in memory of someone. Targeted donations specify a certain facility or hospital. Businesses may want to sponsor a donation for a nearby children’s hospital. For pricing and additional information, click here.

3- Wish List Inclusion. Add Cape Ivy to your wish list and we will ship you 10 ponchos. This will help us establish a relationship with your medical facility or family-stay house. By reaching out to us, we know you are expecting a shipment and want more ponchos! Please send us a contact name and a link to your wish list and we will ship 20 ponchos immediately and then all future purchases through your wish list link to our website.

4- Purchase a cape for a friend or family member undergoing treatment. Purchases support our mission to provide ponchos to children with critical or chronic illnesses.

5 – Hospital gift shops are the perfect place for family members to purchase a gift while visiting the hospital, especially when the Child Life department is waiting for more ponchos to arrive. When visiting a hospital gift shop, tell the manager about Cape Ivy works only with nonprofit gift shops.