Provide Capes

1- Direct Monetary Donations – Help us to provide ponchos to children who fight courageously for their health. Donations will be used to spread warmth and love to children.

2- Targeted Donation – Donate ponchos to be directly delivered to the Child Life department, Ronald McDonald House (or similar type of department/ agency). This targeted donation allows you to specify where the ponchos are sent. Targeted donation form. Targeted donation form. We will contact you with details.



3- Wish List Inclusion. Add Cape Ivy to your wish list and we will ship you 10 ponchos. This will help us establish a relationship with your medical facility or family-stay house. We love to share our ponchos but it is often difficult to donate, especially to large hospitals with busy Child Life Specialists. By reaching out to us, we know you are expecting a shipment and want more ponchos! Please send us a contact name and a link to your wish list and we will ship 10 ponchos. Contact

4- Purchase a cape to support our mission to provide ponchos to child with critical or chronic illnesses. We also donate to children who visit infusion centers. In the future we hope to also donate to adults who visit infusion centers, rehab facilities, nursing homes and hospice care. Shop

5 – Hospital gift shops are the perfect place for family members to purchase a gift while visiting the hospital, especially when the Child Life department is waiting for more ponchos to arrive. Next time you are in a hospital gift shop looking for a gift to take to a patient, tell the manager about