Direct Donation

Use the DONATE button for donations through our website. Donations can also be made on our Facebook and Instagram pages, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle.

Donor-Advised Funds and Retirement Accounts

Cape Ivy accepts donations from donor-advised funds and is registered with charity foundations such as Fidelity Charitable and Schwab Charitable. When searching for Cape Ivy on websites that verify nonprofits, our registered address is Charlottesville, VA. 

Please contact your financial advisor or IRA administrator to make Qualified Charitable Donations (QCD) from an IRA, which lowers the adjusted gross income (AGI). 

Private Foundations

Thank you for considering a donation to Cape Ivy. Cape Ivy will provide all requested documentation. 

Donations by Check

Please contact us for our mailing address. 


We encourage businesses, offices, service and other organizations, agencies and firms to support your LOCAL hospital. With a designated donation to Cape Ivy, we provide ponchos to the facility of your choice. Your donation makes a big impact on our small nonprofit while helping your community. Join our growing list of businesses and real estate agents to make an impact in your community. Contact us for more information.

Shipments to a Specific Hospital or Facility

It is easy to sponsor a donation for a nearby children’s hospital, infusion center, Ronald McDonald House or similar family-stay home.

Purchase a Poncho

All purchases support our mission. Ponchos are wonderful gifts for all ages.  If you are looking for a special gift for someone who is always cold, chronically ill, visiting infusion centers, or undergoing surgery, please contact us. We make custom ponchos upon request if you don’t see what you are looking for in the gift shop. Shipping is included. 

Hold Your Own Fundraiser

Gather your friends, book club members, neighbors, scout troop, service or social club to sponsor a shipment of ponchos. Or start a Facebook fundraiser to celebrate an occasion.

Shop our Amazon Wishlist

Our wish list contains office supplies, containers for donations (boxes for mailing and bags for deliveries) and materials for sewing ponchos. These direct in-kind donations to Cape Ivy help us reach more children. Amazon has discontinued the Amazon Smile program. We are establishing a new wish list. Until then, we are happy to send you a link to the items by email. 

Request a Poncho for Your Child

If your child is in the hospital or receiving regular infusions as an outpatient, please ask the Child Life team if ponchos are available. Contact us in other cases to help us determine how best to provide a poncho to your child.


  • Host a fundraiser to share Cape Ivy with your friends. Donations collected can be used for ponchos for your LOCAL hospital.
  • Follow Cape Ivy on Instagram and Facebook. Share, Comment, and Like our posts.
  • Students in need of service hours in the Charlottesville area volunteer hours.
  • We are seeking individuals to be Ambassadors of Cape Ivy to
    • Promote Cape Ivy in your community.
    • Share Cape Ivy’s mission with friends, relatives, and coworkers.
    • Seek business and service organization sponsors for donations to local children’s hospital.
    • Research opportunities for grants 
  • We are seeking individuals for our Advisory Board
    • Child Life Specialist
    • Other medical staff
    • Grant Writer