Financial Information

What We Are

Cape Ivy is a Virginia-registered nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Less than 4% Overhead

The mission of the organization primarily consists of manufacturing ponchos, providing fabric for customization, supplying packaging materials, and covering shipping costs. These components account for approximately 96% of the organization’s expenses.

Cape Ivy implements several strategies to maintain low overhead costs. Firstly, the organization operates entirely with volunteers, eliminating the need for paid staff. Secondly, they forgo the use of paid consultants, utilizing the expertise of their dedicated volunteers instead. Lastly, Cape Ivy avoids rental and utility expenses by utilizing the homes of the co-founders. These measures enable Cape Ivy to allocate a larger portion of its funds towards its core mission and initiatives.

Our Funding

The mission of Cape Ivy is possible due to the commitment and support of our donors, business sponsors and grants. Cape Ivy is managed, promoted and sustained solely by volunteers.

Corporate Sponsors & Partnerships

Information about sponsorships is available here.

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Atlanta, GA

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Grants Received

Memorial Gifts

  • Friends and Family of Judy Crane Elliott McCoy
  • Friends and Family of Ted Struble

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