Child Life Requests

Cape Ivy is a nonprofit in VA that provides warm medical ponchos to chronically ill children who have leads and ports. Robes, sweaters and jackets don’t work with the lines. Meg Smith, one of the co-founders of Cape Ivy, came up with the poncho solution when her son, Gavin, was 6.

Ponchos are provided free to you through the generous donations of our friends, sponsors and grants. Cape Ivy is managed, promoted and sustained soley by volunteers.


The ponchos come in 3 sizes (toddler/child/teen) and in a variety of fun prints.


They are best for children with chronic illness who frequent hospitals often or for long stays. We have learned from Child Life Specialists that the ponchos are most useful for the patients being treated in hematology/oncology units and outpatient infusion centers.

Packaging Options

  • Ponchos washed in “Free and Clear” detergent, sealed individually in bags in boxes of 10, typically 2 boxes per shipment.
  • Ponchos in their original individually vacuum-sealed plastic bags from the manufacturer in boxes of 15, typically 1 box per shipment. Some hospitals have recently switched to this packaging to meet hospital guidelines for infection control. One disadvantage is that we can’t check for flaws, loose pockets, long threads.
Pre-washed and resealed (about 10 per box)
Original vacuum-sealed packaging (about 15-16 per box)

Request Form

Only the hospital name and an email address is required. Any other information you provide is appreciated and will reduce follow-up email.

Please provide a contact email so we can contact you if we have questions or need to share information about your shipment
Please include department/floor/room and any other information so that the boxes will reach Child Life!
Due to COVID restrictions, some hospitals prefer the original packaging from our manufacturer.
Please share specific requests or comments.
We would love to know how you found us! Please provide additional information below, if relevant.
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