Packing for a Hospital Stay

My very first blog. Wish me luck! Here are a few things to consider when packing for a hospital long stay. The first things you will need are favorite comfort items. My son, Gavin always brought his stuffed animal “Sharky”, a fleece poncho (the first prototype I made for what would become and his pillowcase full of old Halloween candy. Even though he rarely wanted candy, he found it comforting knowing it was with him. I myself brought my favorite stuffed dog, Wilber (given to me by my husband when we first started dating). After all caretakers need comfort too!

Secondly, pack things to relieve the boredom. Hand held video games, iPads/tablets, books and movies are a must. Most rooms in hospitals have DVD players, but it might be worth a call ahead of time to make sure. If not, bring a portable one from home or computer for streaming. I brought a gift from my business partner, Cindy, of colored pencils and drawing pad. I drew the logo for our business while sitting in a hospital staring at an IV pole.

The third idea is along with your toiletries, you should consider packing shower shoes (rubber sandals work well) if you are a person who doesn’t love the idea of standing in a shower that is basically the entire bathroom floor. Yes, they come and clean the rooms regularly, but you can never be too careful with germs in a hospital.

If you want to add a little personality to your wardrobe while in the hospital, I recommend fun fluffy socks with non-skid bottoms. Hospitals insist on the non-skid to reduce accidental falls. We are getting ready to launch fun, hospital approved fluffy socks in addition to our cozy poncho capes. After all, being warm and cozy while undergoing treatment makes for a better hospital experience.

What else have you packed for long stays as a parent of a pediatric patient?