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Our Story

As a parent of a child who spent years in and out of hospitals before he lost his 12 year battle to a rare form of CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency), I know how difficult it can be for patients to stay warm while hooked up to IV and PICC lines. Robes, sweaters and jackets don’t work with the lines. I came up with a solution when my son, Gavin was 6. I created fun fleece poncho capes for him to slip over his head. He was cozy in bed and no more cold walks down hospital corridors. LEARN MORE

In Gavin’s honor, I have started Cape Ivy to provide as many capes as possible to children who courageously fight for their health in and out of hospitals. – MEG

With the help of my friend Cindy, we are giving away as many capes as possible to “frequent flier” children in hospitals. Watch Our Donations page for our progress.

If you know a child or adult in need, please consider purchasing a cape as a gift. All purchases support our mission. If you don’t have a need for a cape, you can provide capes with a donation to Cape Ivy

COVID-19 Message

Thank you for visiting our website. While we have halted our in-person deliveries to children’s hospitals and family stay houses, we are here for you. If you are a Child Life Specialist or House Manager/Executive Director of a home and wish to have ponchos mailed to you, please contact us. If you are a friend/relative of a child undergoing treatment, we hope you will consider purchasing a poncho, which will support our donation effort. We are spending this time writing grants so that we are able to give even more children ponchos later this year.

Please visit our BLOG this week, as we will be adding resources for those in quarantine. We know there a many of our poncho recipients who have experience isolation during medical treatment. We hope you will add your thoughts and ideas to help others from your experience.

Thank you for being a part of Cape Ivy. Stay well.

Our Mission

The mission of Cape Ivy is to provide warm, comfort and support to children who have chronic or critical illnesses and their families. Cape Ivy provides fleece ponchos to children in the hospital because robes, sweaters and jackets don’t work well with IV lines and other medical equipment. Cape Ivy is a resource for families experiencing long-term hospitalization of children.

Our Vision

We aim to become a resource for families of children undergoing medical treatment. In additional to providing ponchos, our blog is evolving to be provide information for families. We are establishing relationships with Child Life Specialists who work in children’s hospitals and with houses that support the families of these children, such as Ronald McDonald House and other similar houses and foundations that support these children and their families.

We Need YOU!

We have no paid staff! Meg and Cindy are running the organization by themselves and with the backing of a supportive Board of Directors. We are looking for volunteers! If you would like to volunteer, please contact us. Here are some ways you might help us: bookkeeper (approximately 1 hour per week), website help (as needed), guest bloggers, social media help (approximately 10 minutes per day/1 hour per week).

We are also looking for help with fundraising. You might collect funds from your friends and family to provide your local children’s hospital or Ronald McDonald house with ponchos. You could do this through a social event or a social media event. Or maybe you would like to be a sponsor of a matching donation program, where you will match other donations for a period of time, up to your donation amount. If you have an interest in providing ponchos to your local hospital or would like to hold a fundraiser for Cape Ivy, please contact us!

We would also like to find corporate or private partners willing to help us with distribution. This might be airlines, delivery services, or financial support for shipping. We can fit 200 ponchos in the car. We would like to provide boxes of ponchos to children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses around the country but the shipping expense is high.

Some of our Favorite Animal Print Capes!

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